The Emotional Revamp Hypnosis Program to release the negative emotions leading to stress, anxiety, self sabotage and stuck emotions.
Revamp: the act of improving, renewing or revising

Are you ready to release the emotions holding you back?

Anxiety, not feeling good enough, anger, feeling “stuck”, consistent worry or fear, not being able to get rid of hurt or guilt: Oftentimes, it is very difficult to release one of these emotions long term without addressing the others.  The Emotional Revamp hypnotherapy program was designed to release all of these emotions so that you can start putting your energy into reaching your full potential.

This program is also a wonderful tool to clear the way before a weight loss or smoking cessation program.

  • Release unconscious patterns of anxiety and self-sabotage
  • Free yourself of emotional blockages
  • Release the deeper emotions that may be contributing to bad habits and negative thought processes

Although we can’t change the events in your past, hypnosis can help change the way you look at and react to those past events thus changing the way you react to similar events in the future.

2 Options Available

Hypnotherapy Only

$850 (Payment Plans Available)
  • 1 90-minute consultation with initial hypnosis session

    This is our chance to get to know eachother, and your chance to ask questions!

  • 8 Hypnosis sessions usually done weekly

    In-Person or via video chat.  While weekly sessions are recommended, we can work around vacations, etc.

  • 1 Pre-Recorded hypnotherapy session

    This recording will help reinforce what we work on.

  • Weekly tasks and techniques to strengthen your session

    Healing doesn't stop when you leave the office (or turn off the camera).  I give you tools and tips to use in your daily life.

  • 15% off any additional services

With Acupuncture

$1250 (Payment Plans Available)
  • Everything in the hypnotherapy only package PLUS
  • Weekly Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a an amazing way to reinforce what we're working on or address other issues such as pain.

  • Treat both mind and body! Acupuncture done during your session to give you the ultimate experience.
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  • If you're unsure if this is the right program for you, schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss.
  • Once you're in the program, our first session will be a 60-90 minute consultation and initial hypnosis session where we will discuss your goals.  This is also your chance to voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have and to experience hypnosis for the first time.
  • Your second session is where the fun really begins.  Each session we will begin by working on a different emotion, freeing the way for the release of other emotions.  Think of it as an onion, each week we are peeling away another layer working towards the center (which is our goal).
  • Each week you'll also be given tasks and techniques.  These will help reinforce the work we've done.
  • Read the rest of the FAQ's for any hypnotherapy-specific questions you may have and please don't hesitate to contact me!

While this program focuses mainly on anxiety, anger, and stuck negative emotions, hypnotherapy has been used for phobias, weight loss and addictions.  Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if this program or another hypnotherapy program will work for your issue.

Every person and every session is different.  You will be scheduled for an entire hour each session to ensure that you are not rushed at any time, but the actual hypnosis can take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.  

I want this to be a very positive and relaxing experience for you.  We will work together to revamp (modify) the emotions surrounding past events.  We do this in a disassociated or detached state.  Communication is key and if at any time something is uncomfortable, all you have to do is speak up.

As for revealing secrets, you are completely in control.  You will never reveal more than you wish to.

Of course!  Even though this program is shown as a 2 month program, we can work around your schedule.  Taking a week off will not affect your outcome but if you want to stay on schedule, we can always do your session over video chat which is just as effective!

Yes, this really works over video chat. While I recommend having your first session in person, it is not absolutely necessary.  Because I'm guiding you into hypnosis using my voice, we will get results as long as you are able to hear me. 

You cannot get stuck in under hypnosis.  If we get disconnected, you will naturally come out of the trance after not hearing my voice for a few minutes.  Simply sign in again and we will continue your session.

Robb Acupuncture and Wellness has partnered with ClearGage to provide patient financing.  Spread your payments over 6-months and pay no additional interest!  Pre-Qualify without affecting your credit here.

Please read the hypnotherapy info page.  If you still have questions please feel free to schedule a free 15 minute consultation or email me.

"I engaged in [The Emotional Revamp program] to reduce anxiety and stress, and holy cow - what an adventure! We worked through major emotions I'd experienced in my life like anger, fear, and sadness, and she expertly guided me through a review of these experiences so I could capture my learnings and lessons from these experiences. I felt safe the entire time, and I am still in awe of what I uncovered. "
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Take the first step in revamping your way of thinking.