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Private one-on-one acupuncture and hypnotherapy sessions for pain, mental health, general wellness and weight loss.  Serving the Phoenix/Ahwatukee area.

Dr. Christina Robb. Licensed acupuncturist and certified hypnotherapist specializing in pain and mental health.

Dr. Christina Robb

Licensed Acupuncturist

Certified Hypnotherapist

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Acupuncture and/or hypnotherapy can treat both the mental and physical aspects of pain.

Mental Health

Whether you're feeling stress, anxiety, fears/phobias, low self-esteem or just feeling "stuck", we can create a program for you.

Weight Loss

Personalized programs to address the specific mental and physical needs regarding your weight.

Program coming soon!

General Wellness

Don't wait until something goes wrong. Stay happy and healthy!

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An ancient medicine for a modern world. This virtually painless technique can treat a wide range of conditions including pain, depression, stress, anxiety and hormonal issues.

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Far from what you see on TV, hypnosis takes you to a deeply relaxed state to bring about great change in the way that you react to life’s stresses and think about the world around you.

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Adjunctive Therapies

Cupping, gua sha, herbal formulas and ear seeds may be added to your treatment plan depending on your individual needs.

Dr. Christina Robb. Licensed acupuncturist and certified hypnotherapist specializing in pain and mental health.

About Me

Dr. Christina Robb


I will be your partner in creating a treatment plan designed specifically for your individual needs.  

During my time in practice, I’ve come to notice that patients were not feeling heard by their other practitioners and not given the time to address their issues.  This is why your booked time at Robb Wellness is yours alone.


What Clients Are Saying

Margaret TrottMargaret Trott
15:41 23 Sep 22
I’m been seeing Robb Wellness for a bit under a year. I was apprehensive when I started but Christina made me feel relaxed, explained every step, and was happy to answer any questions. Most recently she helped me pass my Pharmacy Tech Certification. I have profound test anxiety, but with her assistance I sailed right through the test, and passed on the first try. I would definitely recommend her services for self confidence, anxiety, and overcoming trauma.
Carolynne CallanCarolynne Callan
00:54 13 Jan 22
Christina is so talented and kind. She is the most amazing acupuncturist. Her knowledge transcends western medicine providing an holistic approach. If you feel that you are not improving medically, she is the one for you. If you have had a recent “injury”, she’s the one for you.
gladys phillipsgladys phillips
14:45 03 Dec 21
Not only is Christina compassionate about what she does, but she truly cares for her patients needs. Her bubbly personality makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door!I highly recommend Robb Wellness for all your wellness needs!
Nicole LanceNicole Lance
20:30 12 Jul 21
Cannot say enough amazing things about Christina with Robb Wellness! I was new to acupuncture and hypnotherapy, and she not only made me feel comfortable and well-informed, but her therapies radically transformed my well-being! My stress/anxiety is down, and I'm feeling the best physically that I have in a long time (years!). So grateful to have a natural way of feeling better for anxiety and chronic pain. Highly recommend!
Trecia WilliamsTrecia Williams
20:49 06 Nov 20
I've never had acupuncture or hypnotherapy before but Christina made it really easy and straightforward for me. I'm usually very nervous about trying new things but it was not even close to what I imagined or that I see on TV. It was BETTER. Christina cares and it shows in her work and how she approaches each session. She was patient with me and willing to spend the time to talk me through whatever concerns I had.As far as the results of the sessions, I got better than I asked. I have more energy, I'm sleeping much better and overall have a better understanding and appreciation for this therapy. I didn't even feel the needles, and I'm a complete baby when it comes to that.When considering acupuncture and/hypnotherapy, look no further than Robb Acupuncture and Wellness.

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